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Smoked venison biltong


I kg Venison (steak, saddle or leg meat) cut into strips5 inches by 2 inches and 1 inch thick.

Biltong spices – I use Freddy Hirsch (

Red chilli flakes

Plenty of ground back pepper

3 tbs red wine vinegar

4 tbs wood

chips (hickory, applewood or whisky-soaked oak chips are the best




Cameron smoker


Place the biltong strips in a deep container. Pour on 2-3 tbs of the biltong spice mixture, chilli flakes (according to taste) and plenty of ground black pepper shake to coat meat. Add red wine vinegar and shake again. Cover and leave in fridge for 3 hours.  Drain and pat dry with kitche paper. Cover and leave for another hour in fridge.  Place in biltong maker (these are good – Set to low hear (30 C or lower) and se to dry for 20 hours.  When dry on the outside but not totally dried out, arrange on tray in Cameron smoker (picture above) with the wood chips under th drip pan.  Cook on low to medium heat for 25 mins. If you want the meat crisp on the outside, cook on higher heat for 30 mins.

Ostrich steaks with garlic, chilli and butter beans

Ostrich steaks with garlic and butter beans

Ostrich steaks with garlic and butter beans


4 125g Ostrich steaks (the best are the frozen, partially-cooked ones from Kezie foods online site)

4 cloves of garlic crushed and finely chopped

2 coarsely chopped red chillis

1 medium onion, finely chopped

2tbs extra virgin olive oil

1 large tin butter beans

Salt and ground black or rainbow pepper

Heat the oil in a frying or saucepan and add the onion, garlic and chilli. Fry until onion is soft. Add the beans and fry until thoroughly hot. Increase heat and add steaks.   If they are partially cooked then cook for another three minutes on high heat turning once – increase cooking time if you like your meat medium or well done.  Grind sea salt and black pepper just before transferring to plate.

Serve with mashed potato or egg fried rice or garlic bread. They go very well with mushrooms gently fried in truffle oil.