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Smoked venison steaks with smoked sweetcorn

Venison in smoker


4 large venison steaks (150g each)

5 cloves garlic crushed and copped

1 large red onion, chopped finely

3 tbs extra virgin olive oil

2 tbs whisky

Salt and ground black pepper

4  sweetcorn cobs

1 can butter beans

Whisky soaked chips


Place venison in a large, deep bowl season generously with salt and black pepper,  rub in garlic and add chopped onions.  Our over whisky and oil and mix. Leave  covered in fridge for six hours.   Take your Cameron smoker (or whatever sort you use) and put a generous (large handful) amount of whisky smoked oak chips in the base of the smoker and pour over 4 tbs of water to moisten and create steam.  Put venison still covered with crushed garlic on rack inside smoker and close cover. Cook on medium heat for 10 minutes. Add the corn cobs, placing on rack. Cook for another 15 minutes and then remove corn and boil in water for 5 minutes. Take the marinade and heat in a frying pan, adding a little more oil, then add the butter beans and heat thoroughly.    Serve the venison, sweetcorn and beans with plain or egg fried rice or yogurt and cheese mash